Saint-Malo and its surroundings

Mont Saint-Michel

The Mont Saint-Michel is very famous and is part of the Unesco since 1979. 

According to the legend, the building of this monument started in 709, after the bishop Aubert had seen Saint-Michel three times in his dreams. The place is very touristic : there are many different shops, hotels and restaurants. But it's also possible to make a more spiritual or cultural visit.

At the top of the Mont Saint-Michel, there is the abbey, which is millenary. It's possible to visit it every day, on your own or with a guide. You can also go to Mass, presented by the Fraternités Monastiques of Jerusalem.
This community lives in the Mont-Saint-Michel since 2001.

Other activities are possible at the Mont Saint-Michel, such as hiking in the bay, canoe-kayaking, riding a horse or even flying over the bay in microlights or hot-air balloons.

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 Saint-Malo and its surroundings