Saint-Malo and its surroundings


Cancale, small coastal city located a few kilometers away from Saint-Malo, is well-known for its oysters as well as its fishing harbor. Indeed, this fishing town is famous for the shallfish you can find there. When the tide is going down, the oyster farms appear on about 365 hectares. The Cancale oyster is liked by people for its salty taste, given by the wealth of the Mont Saint-Michel bay.


The "Sentier des Douaniers"

Above the harbor, the "Sentier des Douaniers", is pure hapiness for walkers. For instance, it connects Cancale to the "Pointe du Grouin". This path offers beautiful views on the Mont Saint-Michel and its bay.


The "Pointe du Grouin"

A bit further away, and for the most challenging people, the "Pointe du Grouin" appears like a small piece of heaven. The place can be reach with a car, a parking area is available there.

The place gives you an amazing view on the Emerald coast, one of the biggest of Ille-et-Vilaine. It's also possible to see the Mont-Saint-Michel or the Chausey Islands.

Besides, there are many different animals up there, such as the Big Cormoran. There is also a chance to see some dolphins, who like to swim in this water.

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 Saint-Malo and its surroundings